I'm Helen Benn, a permanent resident of the beautiful Madawaska Valley, and I want to earn your trust and your vote to be your elected
Madawaska Valley Township Councilor.

This site will be updated continually throughout the campaign. Please come back often!

Election Day for the Madawaska Valley Township Council is 24th October 2022

Why should you consider voting for me?

... because there is a deep-rooted heartbeat in this community that is so strong and it's gaining strength and getting louder. I heard its rhythm calling me about 12 years ago to an off-the-grid log cabin in the woods. We'd come up here almost every weekend. It was calling so loud and so strong, that in February 2017 it had drawn us in completely, and we became permanent residents in Barry's Bay.

I still feel that heartbeat is calling out far and wide, and people are longing to move here to this gem of a community as we have witnessed these past couple of years... But it's also the heartbeat of the families in this community that has called this place 'Home' for generations. I want these family traditions to continue for their future generations to come back to, where they can continue their ancestral path of their own free will and choice, on the lands that their ancestors worked so hard to build.

I value the established traditions and the culture here. I acknowledge the history and the growth this community has gone through. I would love to see a revitalization of the Madawaska Valley Township cultural heritage and history, whereby newcomers are welcomed as 'Extended Family' who come not to change what is here but to embrace what we have
and make deep friendships and a great sense of community togetherness, where we get to know our neighbours, and we get to join together in activities and events within our community.

I look to expand on the connections of people and places here. I look to create opportunities for community connections; collaborations; collective consciousness where like-minded people can gather with a sense of belonging and acceptance for who they are and what we have in common as opposed to our differences.

I look to connect with each other and globally with modern technology in a safe and health-conscious way.

Here's just a little sample of what I'm passionate about for the growth of MVT:

  • Building a vibrant community that supports the growth of Recreation and Relaxation in the Madawaska Valley Township for all age groups and all abilities with a focus on building growth in employment opportunities and exploring all possibilities for the desperate need for affordable and suitable housing for all age groups, but specifically our aging populations.

  • Building a Collective Community Consciousness that is in line with Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Problem Solving.

  • People in the community feel heard, respected, and valued as contributing members of this community as taxpayers, residents, and seasonal property owners.

  • Having up-to-date access to modern technology and connectedness that is aligned with proven safe and reliable systems.

  • Expanding our Community Centers' immediate vicinity capabilities, to create a hub of recreational pursuits in order to utilize the space we have, to offer attractions and activities for all ages and abilities year-round.

  • Protecting and expanding the natural beauty that is available and accessible to all members of this beautiful community and seasonal visitors who come to enjoy and share our space.

  • Developing a system that could provide public transportation within our community to give folks access to the waterfront parks areas, the recreation centres, and also the businesses for shopping and dining options we have to offer in our township.

  • To work with groups and organizations to bring regular larger-scale Expos and Events to the Community centres and parklands throughout the township.

  • To encourage the deeper exploration of funding options and grants available, (charitable, private, provincial & federal), to maximize the outside funding source for projects in order to minimize (if not eradicate completely) the need for increasing taxes in the foreseeable future.

The A-Z of the Madawaska Valley Township that resonates with me...

Adventure. Activities. Art.

Barry's Bay. Beautification. Businesses.

Combermere. Community. Connectedness.

Dreams. Docks. Development.

Employment. Experiences. Environments.

Faith. Friends. Family.

Gardens. Gatherings. Green Space.

Hospitality. Health. Heritage.

Inclusion. Infrastructure. Imagination.

Jewel. Joyfulness. Jogging.

Kinship. Kamineskeg. Kayak.

Livelihood. Leadership. Local.

Mindful. Music. Media.

Natural. Neutral. Nature.

Opportunities. Occupations. Optimistic.

Public. Peace. Parks.

Quaint. Quilts. Quiet.

Rest. Relaxation. Rejuvenation.

Shoreline. Soccer. Seniors.

Teamwork. Traditions. Tennis.

Unique. Utilization. Unify.

Valley. Vocation. Values.

Wilno. Woodlands. Wildlife.

Xenial. X-Factor. XO.

Youth. Yours. Yakabuski Centre.

Zen. Zeal. Zest.

Instructor: Adult Literacy, Basic Skills, and Basic Computer Skills Barry's Bay.

The Training & Learning Centre is a non-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD).

What We Do

Adults come to the Training & Learning Centre because they need to upgrade their skills or learn a new skill for a variety of reasons, including:

To find a job:

As the workplace changes, employers need workers with a higher level of skills.

To be adaptable employees:

Workers need to be able to communicate with others, be aware of safety precautions and be a good team member.

To be more confident:

Keeping up with the demand at work and in the community reduces stress and increases productivity.

To learn to use a computer:

Learning new technology is a necessity for employment, education, training and independence.

*Do you know if you have the skills to succeed on your goal path?

*Are gaps in your skills preventing you from reaching your goal?

*Click on Learners to find out how we can help!


Private Practice:
Life/Soul Coaching.
Mediation Coaching.
Restorative Justice.
Conflict Resolution.
BioEnergy Wellness.

Student Specific Social Skills & IEP Consultation.


The future is not someplace we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found but made. The activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination.

As an International Coaching Federation recognized Certified Life Coach, and as a Mediator, Helen realized that Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice Practices, were key elements of Peace and Harmony for all souls involved. But, when unresolved conflict, (and the energy that is built up within the cells of our body from that conflict or trauma), has no place to go, then dis-ease or illnesses/conditions, develop in the body.

I help you clear those negative thoughts and that negative energy that is holding your joy hostage.



Founding Board Member and Current Chair of the
Barry's Bay
Recreation Committee.

The Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee is a Committee of Council that seeks community input in order to provide leadership and guidance in the development, promotion, awareness, and enhancement of recreation for the Barry’s Bay Area, and throughout the Township of Madawaska Valley.

Under the auspices of the standing committee responsible for Recreation, the Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee will address and provide input into matters related to:

  • Recreational programs and activities offered through the Recreation & Community Development Coordinator and other agencies under the auspices of and funded by the Township of Madawaska Valley.

  • Conceptual planning and development of Barry’s Bay recreational facilities.

  • The development of agreements that provide for the usage of the facilities.

The Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee engages in fundraising activities to assist with:

  1. new capital projects related to the existing recreational facilities (including, but not limited to the Ball Fields, Arena, and Parks), and/or

  2. recreational programs, events, and/or activities proposed by the Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee, that are endorsed by the standing committee responsible for Recreation and receive the approval of the Council.

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